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Latest News

Electrician's help urgently needed

NSLAC is looking for a volunteer qualified electrician from our community to tag NSLAC electrical appliances. If you can help with this, or know someone who can please contact Sally (0411 586 001 or richardsonsally@bigpond.com) at your earliest convenience.


If you have missed one of our registration collection days then you MUST read the details of how/when to complete your registration (after registering and paying online) at the top of our registration page.

This Season FAQs

Please read the complete details on our registrations page before registering but, here are some of the  FAQs arising this season.

  • What age group do my children register in?
    Please refer to the Little Athletics age group calculator
  • What are the start-finish times?
    This varies from week-to-week with our 5 week event program. Your age manager should email you each week but please refer to the event program to see what times your age group(s) begin. The event program is subject to revision from time-to-time.
  • When does the season start?
    The 2015-16 season starts on 5 September for all age groups. Your athlete(s) age manager will contact you by email before the season commences. Our season calendar is here.
  • Will my children be together, or with their friends?
    The groups at NSLAC are according to age and gender. For example the under 6 girls are separate from the under 6 boys. This continues until the senior age groups which (although grouped separately) may compete together under the event program for our centre's carnivals. Unlike other sports there are few (if any) exceptions to the age groupings in athletics.

Welcome Raine & Horne Chatswood/Willoughby

Raine & Horne Chatswood/Willoughby

NSLAC are thrilled to announce Raine & Horne Chatswood/Willoughby as our new major sponsors. Owners Hugh and Cassandra Macfarlan have three daughters and strongly believe that a healthy and active lifestyle is vital for happy and independent children, a philosophy that fits well with Little Athletics.

Hugh and Cassandra are eager to develop a strong and supportive relationship with us and our members, so make sure to let them know you're from NSLAC when you're planning to sell or rent your property. List your property with Hugh and Cassandra to receive not only a great deal, but the very best in professional services and a premium sale or rental result. A sale will mean NSLAC and our athletes will benefit too. For contact information please visit our sponsors page.

Presentation Day

Unclaimed items from presentation day will be stored until week 3 of the 2015-16 season (at the earliest). An up-to-date list is listed here. Visit this Photo Album on Flickr to see some photos from the day.


Raine & Horne Chatswood/Willoughby